Welcome! I’m so grateful you’re here. 

Are you feeling lost, disheartened or stuck?  Know that you can reconnect with joy!
I know, because I did!  I’m happy to offer you my FREE guide, 5 Keys to a Joy-filled Life, to give you the tools to do it.

5 Keys to a Joy-filled Life

In the guide you’ll find:

  • 5 keys that will open the door to more joy in your life
  • action steps to get you started right away
  • writing prompts to help you reflect on your experiences
  • inspiring photos and quotes
  • the huge a-ha! that opened me up to joy.

The path of joy is lifelong and worth taking, but you have to choose to step onto it.


“Christine’s heart shines through in everything she writes, and this beautiful ebook is no exception! I love how joy is infused throughout it. She helps us see that living a joy-filled life really is doable and also fun! Christine has such a special soul, and I highly recommend soaking up the wisdom in her ebook and also the inspiration on her blog. You’ll be so glad you did!” ~ Jodi Chapman

“Reading “5 Keys to a Joy-Filled Life” felt like sitting down over a cozy cup of coffee with a best girlfriend and enjoying a heartfelt, inspiring conversation.  Christine writes in a warm, relatable voice, with tons of practical advice and helpful tips.  She clearly understands the demands and struggles of everyday life, but offers fresh perspective on how to take control and step into our own joy.  I am implementing her 5 keys, and filling my life with joy!” 
~ Dawn

“Last fall was very busy at work especially at the end of semester crunch. I was looking for a way to rejuvenate and improve my daily self-care. I know Christine’s work and signed up for her 5 Keys to a Joy-filled Life. I thought joy would be a great antidote for the stress and fatigue I was feeling. I wasn’t disappointed. Her simple and easy to implement suggestions helped me improve my self-care and enjoy the end of semester with more ease and joy. Christine’s down-to-earth strategies will leave you feeling refreshed and glad you took the time to sign up for more joy.” ~ Tanya Levy

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