Personal Empowerment Coaching

Are you ready to ignite your spark?

We all have a spark within.  It’s what makes us feel alive.  When we nurture that spark, we’re living on purpose.

So often we travel through life on auto pilot – rushing, striving, pushing, surviving – and lose sight of who we really are and what’s really important to us.

Even if you’ve achieved material success, you may feel hollow and unfulfilled.  You may have lost your spark.  You may have forgotten that you can actually love life.

That’s where I come in.  I’m a Personal Empowerment Coach.

I’ll empower you to:

Find and ignite your spark

Embrace your uniqueness

Reconnect with joy

Let go of what no longer serves you

Live a life you love

Are you ready to step forward and say YES to life?

Contact me at to schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation.

I can’t wait to help you come alive!


“Christine is an optimist. She can see the potential that lies within each of us, even when we can’t. I’ve been working with her for over a year now and she has helped me take my dreams and goals and put them into action – creating a life that most people only dream about! If you want to stop playing small and take 2014 to the next level, then work with her! She can help!” ~ Maja Gray, Blue Planet Life

Therese pic 2“Christine is one of the most positive and kind people I know. She has a knack for helping people shift their perspective and see things in a way they might not have considered before, allowing them to change their lives and their reality in the process. If you’re in a funk or want to make big changes in your life, she’ll help you to feel deeply empowered, inspired, and on-purpose. I couldn’t recommend her enough!”
~ Therese Schwenkler, The Unlost

“Christine is one of the most thoughtful, generous and insightful people I know.  She listens intently and provides support and guidance to help you conquer your fears and work towards achieving your dreams.  She also has this amazing ability to know just when you need some extra support.  I’m so grateful to Christine for all the support and guidance she has provided to me over the past year and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to empower themselves to change their lives.” ~ Katy Posen