Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic - Lisa Widerberg attrib

I love Christmas, always have. Christmas movies, decorations, time with family and friends, excitement in children’s eyes and a sense of magic in the air.

My mom is a Christmas nut. She inspired my love of the season when I was little girl. Her beautiful decorations always put us in the spirit. Each November during the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, we would decorate our Christmas tree, drink hot chocolate and watch the parade on TV.

My mom, sister and I spent hours each December working on a huge Christmas puzzle. Of course, my dad or brother would invariably sneak a piece of the puzzle so that we’d be searching frantically at the end for the last piece – drove us crazy – only to plunk it into the puzzle at the last second and triumphantly say, “There! I finished it!”

When I was little, it was tradition that my grandfather would lobby my parents to let us open “just one present” on Christmas Eve. Grandpa was a gentle, quiet man and he didn’t speak up often – so when he did, everyone listened.

I remember breathtaking evenings where big snowflakes floated down, sparkling under the street lights, and the world seemed at peace.

Christmas feels different now though. Rushed. A bit overwhelming. And very commercial. To be honest, it takes effort for me to feel that same Christmas spirit. Thankfully, our two young boys help keep the excitement of the season alive. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

I’ve been thinking lately about holiday overwhelm. The last number of years I’ve been pulled right into it. This year, though, I’ve made a conscious decision. I’m going to enjoy the holidays and relax as much as possible.

I’ve still got lots to do and I easily get wrapped up (excuse the pun) in a flurry of ToDos. But this season I’m taking time to breathe and look around at all I have to be grateful for. Family, friends, a cozy home, sparkling Christmas lights, good food, clean water, great neighbours, a sweet kitty cat, and well… life. 

And maybe, just maybe, I can bring back the Christmas magic that I remember from childhood. Because really, the magic is never gone, it’s just that sometimes I forget to see it.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be filled with laughter, beautiful moments and a love that expands your heart.

How about you – do you feel the magic of the season? If not, how will you try to recapture it?

Thanks so much to Patience Brewster for inspiring this post. She’s an artist and designer of beautiful and whimsical Christmas and holiday ornaments.

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2 Responses to Christmas Magic

  1. Jeremy says:

    I remember when I was a kid, my family would go to church for midnight mass. And then it was hard to concentrate on the mass, because I know when we get back, it’s time to open presents! That’s all I cared about. Yeah, right at 12am 25th Dec (slightly later because we need to get home), they’re all open already. Nice memories. But now, meh. 😛

  2. Mercine says:

    Christmas has been the same, but each year a bit different as our grandchildren appeared. At this time our home became a bit quiet, as we felt they should be in their own homes as our children had. You really have to get around the busy rush and remember the Reason for the Season. PEACE is choice..PEACE is balance. …PEACE is freedom…PEACE is profound. This was by Lucia Swindoll. So this is perfect for the New Year. Merry Christmas to all. MERC. Oke

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