What’s Your Good Life?

This morning I watched a short and inspiring video from Jonathan Fields of Good Life Project. In it he asks 29 change-makers a single question: what does it mean to you to live a good life?


What I love about this is that it boils everything in life down to a simple and fundamental question.  It focuses our thoughts on the bigger picture of what we really want our lives to be about.  And once we figure out what that is, we can intentionally allow it to guide our actions and our choices.  That way we are consciously living in alignment with what we want at our core: a good life.

Which led me to ask myself: what does it mean to me to live a good life? 

For me it’s living authentically and doing what I love, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.  It’s helping people see the good in themselves and others.  It’s connecting with people who want to make the world a brighter place.

So now I invite you to ask yourself the same question: what’s your good life? 

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7 Responses to What’s Your Good Life?

  1. Jenner Lee says:


  2. Jeremy says:

    I saw this recently too and loved it! My good life is to live passionately and love openly. To be in service for others, and at the same time doing things I love. 🙂

  3. reflectingalife says:

    Hi Christine, I hadn’t seen this, so thanks for sharing. I think the good life is continuing to evolve and grow and expand in every area and to live consciously and generously, full of praise and encouragement. Great question.

  4. Love this, Christine! Of course, I couldn’t read/watch this without parlaying the “good life” into my “better life!!” 🙂 It captures it so beautifully. We each define the good life (or better life) for ourselves. I agree with every single sentiment expressed in the video and comments to your blog. For me, the good life is focusing on the most important things: the people I love, surrounding myself with the people/environment/activities that soothe the soul and promote a peaceful heart, appreciating the small simple things, being open to Spirit’s guidance, kindness to others, and gratitude at all times.

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