When You Can’t Find Your Way

When You Can't Find Your Way

Sometimes the path ahead of us is hidden.  Or the path we’re on just doesn’t feel right.  There are times we don’t necessarily know where we’re going in life, or even where we want to go.

Because life is busy, it’s easy to shrug off our inner nudges – the ones that quietly guide us – and continue on with our daily routine.  We may fall into doing what we think we’re supposed to do or what seems to make sense, or we simply go through life on autopilot.

When these things continue for a long period of time, we start to lose ourselves.  And feel lost.

I know from personal experience how hard this can be.  For years and years I felt like my path was hidden.  And, at least for me, forcing the answers just didn’t work.

If you feel lost, as if you are traveling in circles, know that it doesn’t have to stay this way.  You’ll find your path – and your truest self – and the way ahead will be beautiful and bright.  Not predictable, mind you, but beautiful and bright nonetheless.

In the meantime, though, what do we do when we can’t find our way, when we barely see an inch in front of us?

Well, based on my experience, there are a number of things we can do.

BREATHE.  Close your eyes and take deep cleansing breaths.  This is so important.  It’s hard to think calmly and clearly and make your best decisions when you’re feeling frustrated and off-course.

HAVE FAITH in yourself.  And have faith in something bigger than you.  Believe you are here for a reason.  Know that you are bigger than your circumstances, and you offer a unique combination of qualities, experiences and gifts that no one – absolutely no one – else offers to the world in the same way.

REFLECT.  Get quiet.  Allow yourself time to slow down and listen to your inner wisdom.  If you’ve been disconnected from it for some time, it may be pretty faint – but it’s always there for you.  Take some time each day for yourself, even if it’s five minutes, and shut out external sounds.  Then take a small step forward in your life.  And reflect again.  The answers will come.

RELEASE the need for control.  We don’t have control over the world around us, but we do get to choose our perspective.  When we let go of the need to try and control situations and outcomes, we free ourselves to enjoy life as it happens.

BE PATIENT.  (This one was particularly hard for me).  Your life is your masterpiece.  It carries your wisdom and life experience and will evolve over time.  Stand back, look at it with compassion and see how you’d like to shape it in future.  Then set your brush to canvas with love and renewed hope.

BE CHILDLIKE.  If the path ahead is hidden in fog and you’re feeling frustrated, don’t be afraid to take a little side trip to do something fun.  What was something you loved to do as a child, an activity you’d get happily lost in for hours?  Did you love to paint?  Write?  Run?  Climb?  Create stuff?  Do crafts?  Go fishing?  Sing?

Bring the joy of that memory back, and think of a way you could you introduce that activity – or an aspect of it – into your world now.  Once you rekindle that playful part of you, you’ll be more open to spontaneous joy and FUN.

And once that happens, there’s no telling what amazing things it’ll lead to.

I wish you a wonderful journey ahead.

With gratitude,

Written for Live Through the Heart.



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10 Responses to When You Can’t Find Your Way

  1. Therese says:

    I love this one, Christine! These are all things that have helped me get through “lost” periods, as well, which see to come (and go) and come (and go!)…

    <3 <3 !!

    • Christine says:

      Thanks T! Ah yes, they do come and go, don’t they? Good thing is, when those periods come we can take a deep breath, knowing from experience that “this too shall pass!” <3

  2. Maja Gray says:

    Another inspiring post! Here’s to adventures!!

  3. River Tam says:

    I am having a *very* hard time looking on the bright side. Our car just broke down. We don’t have the $700 (or possibly more) that it will take to fix it. There is the very real possibility that my husband may lose his job if we can’t find him some kind of transportation to and fro. While I am able to walk to my job, he can’t walk to his. This also takes my job hunt and grinds it to a halt as I now have no way to get to any interviews. All in all, it’s very bleak. How in the name of all the Gods do you find any kind of “bright side” to this situation?

    • Christine says:

      River Tam, thanks so much for your comment. I am sorry to hear you’re in a difficult situation and are feeling so discouraged. Often we have no way of knowing why we are faced with such challenges, and it’s really tough. But I believe there is a bright side, even a fragment of light, in every situation. In this case, maybe it’s the opportunity to reach out and allow someone the gift of being able to help you. I had a friend in a similar situation, and she decided to set the conscious intention of being grateful for everything that was good in her life rather than focusing all her energy on what was “wrong.” Then she asked for a higher power to intervene and help take care of her needs. And miraculously, the situation DID get resolved and she got the unexpected help she so needed. So maybe take a leap of faith and ask someone – be it a person you know or a higher power (God, the Universe, or any higher power you may believe in) – to intervene. You may be wonderfully surprised. Sending positive energy your way!

  4. I love these simple yet powerful steps Christine! I’m praying that many “baby steps” will lead to wonderful breakthroughs. Thanks for reminding me that even when it looks like nothing is happening, CHANGE is active!

    • Christine says:

      Thanks so much, Martine! YES, you’re right – change is active! I find that sometimes we complicate things or impose too much pressure on ourselves to have it “all figured out” when really, we just need to take those simple baby steps forward. As long as we’re moving, and taking time to listen to our inner wisdom, wonderful breakthroughs – the ones that are right for us – will come.

  5. Love this! Love this! Love this! Agreed, agreed, agreed. 🙂

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