Dig a Little Deeper

In our culture of technology, instant gratification and short attention spans, it’s easy to make quick, superficial assumptions about people.

I recently stumbled upon this poster in my Facebook news feed and it really moved me:

Organic Garage sign - July 2013

It was originally posted by Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows, who encountered it at a grocery store.

The words are simple and true, yet sometimes the message is forgotten.


We’re constantly bombarded with ads about how we should look, eat and feel.  Then we’re immediately told about products that are sure to rescue us from our apparent deficiencies.  So it’s no big surprise to me that we need an occasional reminder that our bodies do not define us.

Here’s a great video clip from Dove that highlights a distorted perception of beauty and the fact that we’re being bombarded with images of people that aren’t even real…

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  1. Erika says:

    Hey Christine — I clicked over for the full article but thought I would leave a comment here. I think that the message behind this poster is so important! We can get so caught up in how society perceives us based on superficial things and thinking we need to fit into a certain box, when really, what matters is WHO we are, what we love, how we love, etc. Oftentimes we let advertising industries determine how we measure our self-worth, but at the end of the day, they are working to create a need in people — people can never “be” enough because then they wouldn’t need the product. But when we decide our worth for ourselves, those messages don’t have as much of an impact.

    Thanks for sharing this and your thoughts on it!

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