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I’m excited and honoured to tell you I’m going to be a regular contributor to Live through the Heart.  LTTH is a beautiful, soulful blog and growing community of heart-centered individuals who strive to live consciously, openly and authentically.  We share our vulnerability with the hope that it inspires you to open your heart to all life has to offer – the joy, the lessons, the opportunities for growth.  I’ll be posting there every other week.

LTTH was founded by Jennifer Laurent.  Jennifer is a single mom, life coach and inspirational author who lives life consciously and encourages others to do the same through her writing.  Her first book, Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom, offers beautiful wisdom to parents wanting to nurture their child’s unique spirit and guide them positively in life.

Here is an excerpt of my first post at LTTH. Please check it out on the site and if it inspires you, I’d love if you left a comment.  Your thoughts mean so much!

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Finding My Path

I’m an explorer at heart.

When I was a child I spent hours poring over my parents’ National Geographic magazines. I imagined being a photojournalist or archaeologist traveling to exotic lands, visiting incredible cultures and seeing sights few had ever seen.

The Indiana Jones trilogy – and Harrison Ford – certainly didn’t diminish my interest in exploration.

In university I majored in anthropology and English. I was fascinated with the study of other cultures. I jumped at the opportunity to go on a 6-week archaeological field trip to Belize, Central America. It brought my textbooks to life. I was twenty years old and it was far from home, but such an incredible experience.

I decided, though, that I didn’t want to pursue archaeology professionally, and finished my undergrad having no idea what I wanted to do.

Then I got lost for a very long time…

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About Christine

Positive thinker. Writer. Lover of travel and adventure, oceans and mountains, and the energy of a big city. Oh, and deep belly laughs, sappy movies and spirited conversations. Believer in limitless human potential.
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6 Responses to Live Through the Heart – Finding My Path

  1. So honored and grateful that you are a part of the LTTH community. Looking forward to creating miracles together!!

    • Christine says:

      Thanks Jenn! It’s such a privilege to be part of the beautiful community you’ve created and I’m thrilled to be working with you!!! Can’t wait to see the amazing things we can all accomplish together.

  2. Tanya says:

    Christine: Your blog post spoke directly to my heart and reminded me to SLOW down and listen, really listen, to my heart whispers. Thank you.

  3. Christine says:

    Tanya, I’m so glad it “reached” you! I think we all need these reminders every now and again. Thanks so much for your comment.

  4. Christine, I absolutely love when you wrote: “Though I still love to wander, I no longer look outside for joy and fulfillment – I find it within.” That is so important to personal happiness, isn’t it? As our kids are growing up, that is something that kind of wisdom is something I’d like them to understand before getting into a committed relationship as adults. How many people do I know who will never be happy in a relationship because they can not find contentment or joy within themselves? Great post.

  5. Christine says:

    Thanks so much, Ida Mae! Yes, I learned over a period of SO many years that for happiness that lasts, we need to find it within.

    You’re absolutely right – in many cases people expect their significant others to “complete” them, when they haven’t found contentment in themselves first. And that doesn’t work well over the long haul, does it? Great comment.

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