How Do You See Yourself?

The world needs you

We all have unique qualities and quirks we don’t necessarily appreciate about ourselves – but they’re what make us real, what makes us US.

For some reason, we tend to be very hard on ourselves – harder than we are on others.  How many times a day does your “inner critic” advise you of ways in which you’re not good enough, or of what you’re doing wrong?  And when you look in the mirror, do you notice your amazing features (you do have them) or pick apart your “flaws?”

It’s interesting… how we perceive ourselves is often quite different from how others see us.  Ask your closest friends what they feel your best qualities and strengths are – chances are, their answers will surprise you.

How do you see yourself?  How would you describe yourself to someone?

I was inspired by Kat Cowley’s post Do You See What I See? on her blog Uplifting Reflections (thanks Kat!).  She featured a great video clip from Dove.  It’s worth a few minutes of your time:

It got me thinking about how I see myself.  And it reminded me to appreciate myself more.

My dear friend Jodi Chapman of Soul Speak suggests that we look at the labels we’ve put on ourselves – or that others have given us – and determine which ones are empowering, and which ones no longer serve us.  It’s time to let go of the ones that don’t fit anymore, and figure out the ones that do.

My sister Kira inspired me with the idea of creating an “Awesome List,” which I suggest in my free guide, 5 Keys to a Joy-filled LifeThis is where you take time to think about and list your amazing qualities. Once you do it, you’ll see yourself differently.

So are you ready?

Make an “Awesome List”

Include some great (or quirky) personality traits.  Maybe it’s that you’re funny, kind, generous, witty or great with kids.  Or that you love to dance in the rain.  Think of what makes you uniquely YOU.

And, since we notice our perceived physical flaws all too easily when we look in the mirror, include some physical features on your Awesome List too.  Maybe it’s that you have warm, friendly eyes, shiny hair or a strong jawline.  Or healthy skin.  Or a wonderful smile.

Read your Awesome List often.

The next time you think about yourself, focus on those awesome qualities and features, and remember – no one else is just like you.

Whether or not you know it, the world needs you and the uniqueness you bring to it!

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Positive thinker. Writer. Lover of travel and adventure, oceans and mountains, and the energy of a big city. Oh, and deep belly laughs, sappy movies and spirited conversations. Believer in limitless human potential.
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7 Responses to How Do You See Yourself?

  1. Jodi Chapman says:

    I was so moved after watching this video – it made me sad to think about how critical we all are of ourselves. I absolutely love your Awesome List idea! Filling ourselves up with love is such a beautiful way to live.
    Thanks, Christine! XO

    • Christine says:

      The video moved me too – very sad. When I really thought about it, if I was asked to describe myself (in particular my physical traits) the first things that would jump to mind would typically be my least favourite traits. And I don’t even know why that is – but I’m grateful that the video made me rethink how I view myself.

      Thanks – I loved my sister’s idea of the Awesome List! It’s so empowering! XO

  2. Wow Christine, what an inspiring post this is. That video is so powerful, and your idea of an awesome list is terrific. What I love most about the Awesome list vs. the video is that it can so easily be applicable to any demographic – kids, teens and adults of any class, gender, culture, orientation, age…it doesn’t matter. Fantastic tool and post. And not a moment too soon – so many people are struggling with something. I would argue that everyone does at some point in their lives.
    Thanks Christine.

    • Christine says:

      Thanks so much, Ida Mae! I love your idea about applying the Awesome List to any and every demographic. YES!!! It’s so empowering for people to genuinely appreciate themselves more. And when we feel better about ourselves, we’re better people.

      We all have amazing qualities – sometimes we just have to open our eyes a bit more to seem them in ourselves. 🙂

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  4. Erika says:

    I found your post from The Next 30 Days, but I was telling her about how I’ve never written an awesome list, but I’ve written its cousin: a reverse bucket list… and the point is pretty much the same thing. I love the idea of writing down some of the things we love about ourselves as a lovely reminder that we’re great!

  5. Christine says:

    Hi Erika,

    I LOVE your reverse bucket list! Such a great way to celebrate the awesome things you’ve already done in life. We all need some positive reinforcement now and then, and looking back on a list like that – or its cousin, an awesome list – is a great way to do it.

    Thanks so much for commenting!

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