Feeling Lost? There’s Hope!

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I’m so excited to tell you about an e-course that has the power to help you figure out and actually live the life you want!  It’s called The Unlost E-Course for Finding Your Truest Career and Life Path.*

I’ll get into the details further below, but will give you a heads-up that registration for the interactive version of the course closes soon… April 19th.

Sometimes we get sidetracked in life.  We follow the path of “should” without even knowing it, letting the expectations of others (friends, family, guidance counselors, teachers) – and ourselves – dictate our direction in life.

We walk the career or life path that makes sense but deep down may not resonate with who we are.

Sound familiar?  If so, you may feel some or all of this: lost, a lack of meaning in what you do, things not being right, frustration, confusion, a sense of time being wasted or of not knowing what the heck you really want to do with your life.

And even if you appear hugely successful to others, if you’re on the “wrong” path you know it – especially in the quiet moments when you have time to think.

Well… whatever stage you are at in life, whether you’ve just gotten started in your career and it’s not what you thought it would be, or you’re at home feeling like you need more, or you’ve been established in the workforce for years but feel you’re headed in the wrong direction, know this – it doesn’t have to stay this way!

You can change your career path – and your life.  Seriously.  You can figure out what really makes you tick.  You can do it inexpensively, with the support and collaboration of others on their own quest, without giving up your responsibilities or current income.  And you can have fun doing it!

I’m talking about a 12-week e-course that begins on April 29th called The Unlost E-Course for Finding Your Truest Career and Life Path.  It’s amazing.  How do I know?  Because I was part of the Unlost Team that evaluated the initial version of the course (FYI the one that starts Apr. 29th is a further enhanced version) – and I was really impressed!

This course is the brainchild of Therese Schwenkler, an ex-accountant who left her cushy corporate job to travel the United States and build The Unlost community.  Therese realized that she wanted to live life and do what made her heart sing rather than walk through life like a robot.

She began talking to anyone and everyone she could find – experts and “real people” alike who she deeply respected – that lived their passion and were fulfilled in life.  People who would jump out of bed in the morning looking forward to their day.

And she found patterns among these people and their paths – things they don’t teach in schools:

  1. Finding your truest career path happens by doing, not just by thinking, i.e. you don’t just think your way into the ideal career and life path, and it’s not just to do with your core competencies.  It happens through a process called E & E, or Experimentation and Evolution, which Therese teaches throughout the course.

  2. Finding your truest career path happens not by “figuring it all out,” but by being willing to not have it all figured out. The eventual clarity of the many people she spoke with almost always started with confusion but ended in fulfillment using E & E principles and methods.

  3. Finding your truest career path happens over time, not all at once. It is a process — one that we are all in, all of the time. The trick is in understanding the nature of this process, and that it is usually far from linear (and yet, we expect it to be).

What it Includes

For $149, the course includes the following:

– 8 modules of written content
– dozens of videos from Therese and others
– lifetime access to materials
– in-depth homework documents
– access to The Unlost Facebook Community
– regular connection with a small group of course participants (this is part of the awesome Move-lah version… see the course link for info)
– 100% money back guarantee

How it’s Different

– It’s focused on career AND life path… with who you are (not what you do) as the foundation.
– The E & E process
– It’s structured in such a way that you’re accountable for taking action all the way through, instead of just reading the materials.
– It’s fun, real, action-oriented, approachable, offers huge value, provides connection with a group, and focuses on – and helps you figure out – who you are and what makes you tick.
– Therese’s videos are often silly (in a good way!) yet insightful, pointing to a deeper message.

Are you ready to step onto your real path, the one you choose for yourself?  If so, fasten your seat belt, roll up your sleeves and click this link:

The Unlost E-Course for Finding Your Truest Career and Life Path

The Move-lah version starts on April 29th and runs for 12 weeks.  Registration closes on April 19th.

*this is an affiliate link, but know that I wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t feel great about.

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    Yayy! Thanks, Christine! So happy to see this and I so appreciate you being a part of the team! 🙂

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