What I Believe

Until I started blogging, I always held my thoughts fairly close to me.  In fact it took me quite awhile to start The Brighter Side of Life.  Even though I really wanted to do it, I wasn’t sure I was comfortable putting my voice “out there.”

But we learn, grow and change.  Through this blog and your heartfelt comments, I’ve come to realize we’re not alone in our thoughts, feelings and experiences.  And I’m so grateful for that.

So in the spirit of putting our hearts on our sleeves, I’m sharing some of the things I believe:

You have unlimited potential.  Yes, you!  We all do.  In some cases we forget that when we grow up.  (Maybe it’s time to think like a child again).

Each of us can make this world a better place through the simplest actions.  In fact, you can make your own day brighter by doing something for someone who can’t repay the kindness to you.  We may never know the impact of a little act of kindness, but that impact can ripple out farther than we ever imagined.

It’s the small stuff – the daily stuff we don’t usually notice – that means the most.

We’re all connected in one way or another on this crazy journey of life.

We’re part of something much, much bigger than ourselves.

No matter how successful people are from a business or financial perspective, everyone still has dreams to fulfil.

Everyone has insecurities to overcome – everyone.

If you listen to your inner wisdom, it won’t lead you astray.  Your logical mind may question a decision that is intuition-based, but your gut knows.  And if you don’t listen to it, you’ll be shutting down an important part of yourself.

Our perceived limits are just that: perceived.  Give yourself a challenge to rise to, and see the amazing things you can accomplish.

Acknowledging your fears and anxieties, particularly to yourself, is freeing.  And it allows you to push through those fears.  I’ve learned recently that you are strong, not weak, when you can bring them to light.

Harbouring ill-will towards others holds you prisoner, not them, and saps your precious energy.

There are always at least two sides to the story, no matter how right you think you are.

It’s important to honour yourself through positive relationships, and let go of negative ones as gracefully as possible.

On the toughest days (and the great ones too), you are much less alone than you realize.

A vocal, unrelenting toddler holds significant power over an exhausted parent. *sigh*

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you.  It means so much!

About Christine

Positive thinker. Writer. Lover of travel and adventure, oceans and mountains, and the energy of a big city. Oh, and deep belly laughs, sappy movies and spirited conversations. Believer in limitless human potential.
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19 Responses to What I Believe

  1. hemadamani says:

    so much wisdom packed in a post. all you’ve said is so true, specially about having unlimited potential. I’ve only just about started believing in myself and going that extra mile. I think better late than never. keep sharing…:)

  2. Alex says:

    I’m so glad you started blogging. I remember when you were curious about it! You are an inspiring happy blogger ♥

  3. Betsy at Zen Mama says:

    PS Thanks for the link… Love your poster, too!

  4. Betsy at Zen Mama says:

    I think my first reply didn’t show! Anyway, Love this post and I think you are very wise! We all are going through so much. So I’m glad to be going through it with people like you!!

  5. ualentina says:

    I tend to keep all the thinking inside of me, too, I’m an introvert person… but I would like to be more open and share more, thanks for this post, I’ll bookmark it as a reminder! 😉

  6. Christine, what a brave and lovely post – thank you! I, too, was hesitant about putting myself (via a blog) “out there.” Having pushed through that fear, the rewards have far surpassed any discomfort! I’m so glad that you did the same to grace us all with your thoughtful and positive voice. I share your beliefs and enjoyed this post immensely.

    • Dawn, thanks for such wonderful, kind words! What a beautiful compliment.

      That’s been my experience too – the rewards have definitely outweighed the discomfort. Blogging is a world I wouldn’t have pictured myself being part of a few years ago, but now it means so much to me. Glad you’re part of it and have put your inspiring voice out there! 🙂

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  8. Joy says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for the heart-affirmation! (I believe the same as you.)

  9. Christine says:

    Thank you so much, Joy! I really appreciate your kind words. 🙂

    So glad you’re here.

  10. Christine, thanks for sharing your simple and powerful actions with me. I appreciate you!

    Love and light,

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