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Questions of a Scared Six-Year-Old

Last night our son approached us with a huge look of concern on his face.  He was suddenly terrified of tornadoes.  The questions spilled out of him, catching us off-guard as they have in the past.  We did our best … Continue reading

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When You Reach the Fork in the Road

Are you feeling stuck?  Are you at the fork in the road and don’t know which path to take? Glad you stopped by – you didn’t stumble across this post by accident. I’ve been feeling stuck lately myself.  With several … Continue reading

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HELP! There’s a Neanderthal in My House!

There’s a caveman in our midst. He’s primitive yet smart, ornery yet agreeable (when he chooses to be) and has very little interest in “acceptable behaviour.” This little Neanderthal has brought utter mayhem to our house.  Every day he pulls … Continue reading

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